The Trilogy offers 12 of the highest available triple break shells offered in the consumer grade fireworks industry today. Each 60 gram shell offers three very different and distinct breaks which can be seen from miles away. Recent advances in product development have helped us to ensure all three breaks occur at the maximum height of the shell which will not only improve product safety, but also improve product performance. The Trilogy contains 12 Trilogy break shells with the following effects:Green to Gold to Silver GlitterRed Palm w/Crackling, Green Palm w/ Crackling, Blue Palm w/CracklingRed to Blue to Green ChrysanthemumCrackling to Green Glitter w/Crackling, to Silver GlitterGreen to Red Green ChrysanthemumGreen w/ Red Palm, Red w/ Green Palm, Blue w/Red PalmWhite to Blue to Red StarsTripling Crackling EffectSliver Glitter to Red Stars to Silver GlitterCrackling to Green and Gold to Red and GoldGreen and Crackling to Red & Crackling to Blue & CracklingColor Chrysanthemum to Color Chrysanthemum to Silver Glitter