Gold & Silver Fireworks Keep It Classy

Whether you are celebrating New Years, Wedding, Anniversary, or Independence Day - there is something special about the clean vibrant look of gold and silver fireworks.  The classic look focuses on the effects and light illuminating the celebration.  To help you celebrate these special moments we have selected some of our favorite all gold and/or all silver fireworks. 


wonderful surprise fireworkWonderful Surprise: Great value fountain with a bright gold waterfall effect. 





foreign policy maker fireworkForiegn Policy Maker: Not just an awesome package, the performance includes silver glitter highlighted with gold stars and silver chrysanthemums.  Ends with a loud whistle to grab everyone's attention.  Do you want the firework to last?  FPM has a 110 second duration making it one of our customer favorites. 




200g Aerial Cakes: 

hot dog fireworkHot Dog:  Don't let the label fool you - this all gold 16 shot cake has been consistently voted in our Top 10 customer favorites.  This firework features beautiful gold brocade mine and brocade crown effects that break into thick gold branches in the sky.  If you want gold - then you need Hot Dog.





road trip fireworkRoad Trip: This silver stunner will get your attention with performance and noise.  All silver and with crackling mines down low and crackling chrysanthemums over the top.  The bright silver makes a nice contrast on a black sky. 





Bone Yard:  Want big performance but don't want top spend for a 500g cake?  Check out this silver beauty.  7 shots that cover the sky in alternating brocade crown and chrysanthemums.  Not a long duration fireworks but definitely a big performer. 




500g Aerial Cakes:

magic fireworkMagic: 16 shot cake that alternates brocade crown and chrysanthemums for a masterful silver and gold show.  Rock solid firework with a growing fan club.





Loud and Proud:  9 shots of gold and silver lift with a thunderous boom to a loud break.  If you want the gold and silver to cover the sky, look no further.





One Bad Mother fireworkOne Bad Mother:  You can't think about World Class Brand fireworks without this periennial rockstar fireworks coming to mind.  One of the first and most powerful 500g cake fireworks to debut, this one is a true classic.  It is still one of the most requested fireworks to this day.  Why?  It has 16 shots of huge gold willows and crackling flowers with a 4 shot finale burst.  If you like huge breaks in the sky that put on a show - don't forget this one for your celebration. 




battle cry fireworkBattle Cry: Do you really want the biggest breaks of silver available on the market?  There is nothing out there that compares in size and power with the single silver performance.  This NOAB cake is a great finale piece.