Scary Skeleton Fireworks

With Halloween around the corner we wanted to pick our favorite scary skeleton firework labels.  There were many to choose from and we could only pick a handful.  If we left out your favorite, let us know by emailing and we may feature your suggestion on the next one. 

#5 - Trigger Happy - This loud 500g cake received some new label artwork this year and it features an awesome chromed skull with weapons fanned out around it.  Very cool compliment to this hard hitting 9 shot finale cake. 




#4 - Loyal to None - This World Class Fireworks classic has been a staple finale for families across the US for over a decade.  The pirate skull label has become a fan favorite, you add that to long lasting and lots of varied effects, colors - separates this one from the pack and makes for a true classic.



#3 - Treasure Hunter - Great mix of mine, palm and willow effects with tons of color plus the label featuring a pirate captain and ghost ship.  You will remember the label and you will remember the firework. 



#2 - Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty - Big and Bad is the best description of the 9 shot finale cake.  Must have to finish any fireworks show that wows the neighborhood.  This label must have been the inspiration for the Trigger Happy artwork, just a bigger skull surrounded by more weaponry. 




#1 - Evil Priest - New for 2018 this 500g fountain is the scariest skeleton label to date.  This fountain puts on a big powerful show for over a minute and a half.  The artwork has a voodoo vibe that, when combined with the overwhelming crackle, makes you think that something sinister is in your presence.