Blog: 2018

Scary Skeleton Fireworks

With Halloween around the corner we wanted to pick our favorite scary skeleton firework labels.  There were many to choose from and we could only pick a handful.  If we left out your favorite, let us know by emailing and we may feature your suggestion on the next one. 

Anubis 200g Cake - Big Power & Crossettes

Crossettes are a rare effect in consumer fireworks due to limitations on how much charge can be in each firework.  There are 500g maximum charge fireworks out there like The Fireworker that feature this unique effect.  Now you have a less expensive option to see this effect in action with Anubis.  New from World Class in 2018, this powerful 200g cake features green, red, and blue colors. 

  • Shots: 18 shots
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue
  • Effects: Glitter, Crossettes, Chrysanthemum