A Gender Reveal Like No Other

Summer Baby Celebrations

If you are having a summer baby, you may want the new addition to your home and life to . . .

Enter the world with a BANG!

Light up the day you announce to friends and family your baby’s gender with a blue or pink gender reveal product from World Class Fireworks.

Gold & Silver Fireworks Keep It Classy

Whether you are celebrating New Years, Wedding, Anniversary, or Independence Day - there is something special about the clean vibrant look of gold and silver fireworks.  The classic look focuses on the effects and light illuminating the celebration.  To help you celebrate these special moments we have selected some of our favorite all gold and/or all silver fireworks. 

Scary Skeleton Fireworks

With Halloween around the corner we wanted to pick our favorite scary skeleton firework labels.  There were many to choose from and we could only pick a handful.  If we left out your favorite, let us know by emailing and we may feature your suggestion on the next one. 

Anubis 200g Cake - Big Power & Crossettes

Crossettes are a rare effect in consumer fireworks due to limitations on how much charge can be in each firework.  There are 500g maximum charge fireworks out there like The Fireworker that feature this unique effect.  Now you have a less expensive option to see this effect in action with Anubis.  New from World Class in 2018, this powerful 200g cake features green, red, and blue colors. 

  • Shots: 18 shots
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue
  • Effects: Glitter, Crossettes, Chrysanthemum


New Folds Of Honor Firework Debuts

The newest version of the Folds Of Honor firework is a real patriotic home run.  It features 16 shots like the previous Folds 500g cake, however this one produces bigger boom and bigger color.  Perfect for any finale - Red, White, and Blue colors paint the sky for over 40 seconds.  The best part is that when you buy the Folds firework you get a great finale plus you support families of our military service men and women.  For each purchase - the proceeds are donated to the Folds Of Honor Foundation.  Since this partnership begun with World Class Fireworks a

King Of Pirates - Daytime Smoke Firework

Check out King Of Pirates from World Class Fireworks.  New for 2018, this daytime 500g multi-shot cake has vibrant red and blue smoke with lots of crackle and whistle.  Customer feedback on King Of Pirates has been great and we plan to introduce more daytime cakes next year. 

  • 40 shots
  • Colors: Red, Blue
  • Effects: Smoke, Crackling Mines, Whistling
  • Case Packing 4/1
  • Learn more about King Of Pirates HERE